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Meet “Living Statue” Bob Seymore

Sunday in the Park 2023
1. Meet “Living Statue” Bob Seymore
2. An Interview with Sunday in the Park Band: Black Lion Reggae
3. An Interview with Sunday in the Park Band The Ain’t Sisters
4. An Interview with Sunday in the Park Artist Caleb Morris
5. An Interview With Sunday in the Park Band: Jon Stickley Trio
6. An Interview With Sunday in the Park Band: Fireside Collective

If you’ve attended Sunday in the Park at Oakland over the past ten years or so, you’ve no doubt seen “Living Statue” Bob Seymore hard at work entertaining visitors while standing very still. We interviewed Bob about his unusual career and about why it’s so important to him to support Oakland Cemetery.

More from Bob:

You’ve portrayed quite a few characters at Oakland Cemetery— from golfer Bobby Jones to Mozart to some of Oakland’s angel monuments. What’s your favorite character to portray? Why?

Bobby: I really don’t have  a favorite “Living  Statue.” The Bobby Jones character seems to be a crowd favorite that is very recognized. Every time I play this character, some guests always give their opinion on why he should have gone professional. Some guests also tell me stories of Bobby Jones that they have heard through the years. I dig this because it builds my story library. I always ask when I am portraying Bobby Jones,” How many hole-in-one’s have you had? It’s amazing what responses I get back. The guests are also not afraid to yell out “Bobby!” at any given time during the event. I hope that you get a chance to hear this. It makes me laugh. It is hilarious fun!

I also find that every time  I portray an” Ole Time” baseball player, grown men turn into five-year-old kids. For example, I played and told the story of 19th-century player and Oakland Cemetery resident Robert Dohme last year, and the male guests consistently reacted this way. It is amazing to witness the unique reaction to my presence. I also receive many stories of their favorite baseball players and why they like them. I cherish this reaction from my guests.


I’m guessing it’s difficult to stand still(ish) for so long. How do you do it?

I practice adjusting my balance on one leg. Then I shift my weight to the other without anyone noticing. I also move in a robotic manner. It’s an attention grabber.


What’s something that would surprise people to know about you and your work as a living statue?

I pay close attention to the presentation of each character, studying the details to make sure it looks “real.” This includes making sure that the colors used on any of my costumes resemble those of an actual bronze or stone statue. For my bronze characters, I apply brush strokes of gold paint where the light hits the costume. I apply the same light technique to my face makeup as well. This helps onlookers clearly see the illusion that I am projecting.

The fact that I speak to my guests as a living statue is also surprising to them. It starts with me saying, “Hi.”  This begins a friendly conversation that seems to take the “nervousness ” out of the surprise. I started speaking after an experience I had performing as “Gabriel” the angel. A woman thought I was real and began sobbingly confessing to me. This brought a crowd that was curious about what was going on. I came out of my silent mime act and began to explain to her that I was a real person dressed up as an angel. She looked up at me and then she took off into the crowd. I never saw her again. After that, I promised myself that I would not be silent with my characters again.


What’s your favorite thing about being a “living statue”?

My favorite thing about being a “Living Statue” is, being able to fool the guests into believing that I am a part of the landscape.  I also love that there is an endless list of  “Living Statue” characters I can portray. I have a ton of fun!

Visit Bob Seymore at this year’s Sunday in the Park featuring Tunes from the Tombs on September 24. Tickets are on sale now.

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