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Ignite Your Future in History and Education this Summer at Historic Oakland Cemetery!

Are you a sophomore or junior in college with a passion for history and education? Join Historic Oakland Foundation’s fellowship program dedicated to fostering diversity in the fields of museum education and historic preservation.

Receive mentoring from experienced education and programming experts while you help develop and execute family educational programming for one of Atlanta’s premier cultural and historical institutions—historic Oakland Cemetery.

Interested in applying for this May-to-December program? Applications are accepted from February through April 19, and interviews for the Fellowship begin in May. Full-time work for chosen students begins in May, transitioning to part-time work as school starts up again. Part-time work continues through December.

Download the Fellowship Flyer

Why Apply?

Diverse Perspectives, Collective Learning

Connect with students from various backgrounds to explore the enriching worlds of museum education and historic preservation careers, contributing to a more inclusive future for these fields.

Hands-On Experience 

Immerse yourself in a dynamic role from May to December. Dive into full-time work May to August, and transition into part-time responsibilities September to December.

Guided Growth

Report directly to Historic Oakland Foundation’s director of education and youth programs, receiving expert mentorship to nurture your potential in the industry.

Your Impact

  • Program and lead HOF’s summer camp, shaping the minds of 15-20 upper elementary and middle school students for 6-8 inspiring weeks.
  • Support our workforce development program and drive positive change in our community.
  • Play a pivotal role in recruiting and training school guides, shaping the next generation of history advocates.
  • Develop and execute a youth or family program, witnessing your vision come to life from start to finish.
  • Engage in HOF staff meetings and collaborate with programming teams for a well-rounded experience.

Perks of the Program

In addition to knowing you made an impact on the lives of dozens of metro-Atlanta students, fellowship participants will also receive a living stipend enabling full-time participation in summer and part-time engagement during the fall semester. They’ll also enjoy a transportation stipend.

How to Apply

Apply for the Historic Oakland Foundation Fellowship Program and open the door to a future in museum education and historic preservation. To apply, fill out and submit the form below.

The application period for the 2024 fellowship program has closed.

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