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GSU Intern Lauren Reeves’ Time at Oakland

The Georgia State University Heritage Preservation program and Historic Oakland Foundation have long held a symbiotic relationship through a graduate internship program. Last semester's intern, Lauren Reeves, worked alongside our preservation team, YLHT students, and volunteers to perform a variety of…

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Bringing Grave Mounds back to Oakland

Although Oakland Cemetery is known for its historic headstones and grave markers, many graves in the Cemetery are unmarked and are not easily identifiable. In the broader Southeastern United States, especially in the Appalachian region, graves (both marked and unmarked)…

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Wow! That Sure is a Gneiss Rock!

Granite is one of the most common stone types we have at Oakland. It’s also one of the most common rocks on earth, making up the continental crust of our planet! Granite is an intrusive igneous rock, meaning that it…

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Headstone Cleaning: What Not To Do!

Grave marker cleaning is by far the most common preservation effort that takes place within a cemetery. At Oakland, we have regular volunteer days focused on the task. When done properly, cleaning the headstones and monuments in a cemetery can…

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Oakland Rocks! Photo Scavenger Hunt

Learn more about and explore the rocks of Oakland on this photo scavenger hunt! Solve the clues take a photo of each answer. Email your photo answers by June 1 to along with your full name. If you get…

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