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Jewish Hill

Restoration of the half-acre Jewish Hill area included restoring hardscape, addressing drainage issues, installing a new watering system, and adding interpretive components. The main objectives in Jewish Hill were to repair and re-set a variety of monuments and walls as well as make repairs to historic brick pathways. Restoring this area of the cemetery was particularly challenging given the way monuments are tightly packed together. The three-phase project was fully funded in part by a generous grant from the Rich Foundation.

Project Status

Total Cost: $300K

Phase 1 - 100% Complete
Phase 2 – 100% Complete
Phase 3 - 100% Complete

Restoration Plan & Progress

Phase 1
Phase 1 of the Jewish Hill Project was a triage phase in which all dangerous hardscape issues were mitigated. We reset and leveled severely leaning monuments, rebuilt crumbling walls, and repaired badly damaged urns and tombstones. It was completed in late 2015.

Phases 2 and 3
Phases 2 and 3 divided the half-acre section in half. Phase 2 involved work in the western half of the section including irrigation and restoration of brick pathways. It was completed in late 2017. Phase 3 included repair of walls and monuments in the eastern part of the section. Phase III was completed in late 2018.

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