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Meet Gardens Team Member Janna Rhoden!

Meet Janna Rhoden, native Georgian and a dedicated member of the Historic Oakland Foundation Gardens Team. Janna has worked in the African American section of Oakland Cemetery for coming up on three years.  What brought you to Oakland Cemetery?  Before I…

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Explore the Daffodils of Oakland

Each February and March, thousands of daffodil blooms create a cheery scene at Oakland. More than 70 varieties of daffodils make their appearance throughout Oakland’s grounds in the first months of each year. We invite you to take a stroll and…

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Mums bring Fall Color to Oakland Cemetery

Every year during our Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween tours, the number one question visitors ask Oakland's gardens team is, “What are all of these gorgeous colorful flowers blooming everywhere!? There are white ones and pink ones and red…

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The Rise of Camellias in Southern Gardens

Camellias have bloomed in Southern gardens since the late 1700s. Native to eastern Asia, their popularity dates back many centuries for their beauty and as the source of tea. They arrived in Europe by the mid-1700s, and the earliest camellias…

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Holiday Plant Symbolism

Discover the origins and stories of holiday plants with Richard Waterhouse, executive director of Buckhead Heritage and Victorian Symbolism tour guide. Holly and Greenery One of the rites of passage that takes place in Christian churches during the Christmas season…

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Losing Old Trees at Oakland

Oakland’s mature trees are an integral part of Oakland’s character. They are the only living link that remains of what Oakland was. They've seen many funerals and family picnics and you can’t help but wonder what stories they could tell.…

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