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Women’s Comfort Station

The Women’s Comfort Station is a small, single-room structure located near the Jewish Grounds at Oakland Cemetery. Constructed in 1908 as a restroom and place of refuge from rain or excessive sunlight, the historically and architecturally significant building has sat vacant for roughly 50 years, deteriorating from weather and neglect. The building was completely restored in 2019 and now serves as a revolving exhibit for panels about the history of Atlanta and Oakland.

Project Status

Total Cost: $250K

  • Funding Raised: $250K
Completed in 2018

One-of-a-Kind Luxury

What it lacks in size, the Women’s Comfort Station makes up for in character. The building’s interior features mosaic tile floors, glazed tile walls, sea green plaster, and marble stall partitions. It was a luxurious building for its time, especially for a restroom! The exterior, too, is unique. It boasts a flat roof with stone parapets as well as a false “pent roof” covered in pressed tin tiles, a red brick and tan brick facade, and ornate window muntins.

While a nearly identical men’s comfort station was built near Potter’s Field during the same time period, no other comfort stations were known to have existed prior to the ones built at Oakland. And today, there are no known buildings like this one in the city making the Women’s Comfort Station architecturally valuable not not only to Oakland but also to Atlanta.

Restoration Plan and New Use

The primary objectives of the project are to rebuild the roof and exterior masonry, to replace missing interior tile and plaster, and to install electric and HVAC systems. This work will be done in two phases – exterior stabilization and interior renovation. Construction began in March 2019 and was completed by fall of the same year. The building is now used as an exhibit space.

Why Not Return It To Its Original Use?
Having a free-standing restroom in the middle of the cemetery is a security hazard and a maintenance nightmare. Our hope, instead, is to turn the building into a revolving exhibit for panels about the history of Atlanta and Oakland that can also be used intermittently by schools, museum groups, and artists.

Save and Restore An Architectural Gem

Help us restore the 1908 Women’s Comfort Station by making a donation. When you donate, tell us what are the money should go towards under “Donation Purpose”.

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