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Burial Records

There are almost 40,000 markers at Oakland, yet records indicate that more than 70,000 souls rest here. Many graves originally had wooden markers that deteriorated and disintegrated before preservation efforts began in the cemetery. An estimated 7,500 residents lie in unmarked graves in Potter’s Field and 3,000+ soldiers in the Confederate Grounds along with many in the African American Grounds and other areas, known and unknown. Burial sites are often uncovered by our PRO and Garden Teams beneath years of landscape changes and growth.

If you’re interested in locating a burial at Oakland, please click the button below to fill out and submit a form, providing as much information as possible about the deceased: full name, other relatives who may also be buried at Oakland, approximate date of death, other family members buried at Oakland, and any regimental or company information for soldiers. We will check the records and get back to you.

If you’re not sure if someone is buried at Oakland, you can fill out the same form. The easiest way to determine where someone is buried, however, is requesting a copy of their death certificate from the county in which they lived or died. The State of Georgia Archives (678) 364-3710 also has many post-1922 records from various counties. Also, the Atlanta History Center Archives (404) 814-4040 has a copy of the late Franklin Garrett’s Necrology on microfilm. The Necrology lists all white males buried within a 30-mile radius of Atlanta until the 1940s.

Oakland Cemetery Burial Information

Click the Request a Burial Record button to see a form to fill out with details about the deceased. Please allow up to two weeks for a response once you submit the form.

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