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An Interview with Sunday in the Park Band The Ain’t Sisters

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We recently interviewed the Ain’t Sisters, one of our local bands for Sunday in the Park ft. Tunes from the Tombs. Learn more about Sunday in the Park (happening at Oakland on September 24) and get your tickets here.  

If your band could collaborate with one artist living or dead, who would it be and why?

Trappers Cabin. That dude is so unbelievably weird in all the right ways. We aspire to that level of strange.

What overall message do you hope to impart with your music?

That we’re all connected and if we live from love and we all shake it simultaneously we can raise our collective vibration and transcend the illusion of separation.

What does “Ain’t Sisters” mean to you as a musical project?

It’s an opportunity, a privilege, and a responsibility to use our creative powers to serve the music, push the boundaries of what can be done with sound, and deliver that message of love and weirdness. The music is the foundation, but it’s more than making great songs. It’s a movement that belongs to everyone involved – everyone who listens, everyone we meet, everyone who feels moved by the message.

How has your band’s sound developed over the years?

We’re probably in our biggest growth spurt ever right now. We are working with great players and great engineers who are expanding our ideas about how far we can go, how big our sound can be, and what we can pull off in live shows. We started out with good songs but now we’re really digging into what we can do with production and arrangements to create a full auditory experience.

Where do y’all find inspiration?

In the wee hours of the morning laying in bed, unable to sleep because of the maddening voices of anxiety. That, and love.

What is one piece of musical (or life) advice that you would give your younger selves?

Buy property in Atlanta. It will finance all of your records.

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