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Despite the beauty of its 48-acres, Oakland is not a perpetual care cemetery. Families and owners are responsible for maintaining their lots, but in the years since the last of Oakland’s lots were sold, many families have moved away or died out, leaving the cemetery with no direct support.

Since Historic Oakland Foundation’s inception in 1976, the Atlanta community has donated millions of dollars toward the restoration of nearly a third of Oakland’s acreage, but there is much work left to do.

With your help, we can build an endowment that will support the perpetual care of historic Oakland Cemetery. Your gift will help us to quicken the pace of restoration before further deterioration occurs. Together, we can preserve this part of Atlanta’s fragile historical fabric.

You can Support the Foundation’s Endowment in Two Ways

Arrange a Planned Gift

Make a planned gift to Historic Oakland Foundation.

Make a Direct Contribution

Make a cash gift or gift of appreciated securities directly to the endowment.

“We recently made a gift to the endowment because we know that this is a gift that will keep giving and contribute to the long-term care of this special place.”

—Steve and Tonya Paro, longtime members and volunteers

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