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An Oakland Cemetery Crossword

Test your word wit and Oakland wisdom with this Oakland Cemetery-themed crossword puzzle! Just download and print the .pdf, grab a pencil (or pen, if you’re brave) and fill in the blanks to solve the puzzle using the corresponding numbered…

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An Oakland Cemetery Word Search

Within the jumble of letters, you’ll find some of our famous residents and various other features and facets of historic Oakland Cemetery. To download, click the button below and then click the down arrow at the top right corner of…

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How to Make Oakland Cemetery’s Spiced Syrup

This spiced syrup is a creation from one of our staff members. It was originally concocted as the key ingredient for the Oakland Old Fashioned, paired with Four Roses Bourbon and served to guests at our Cocktails & Conservation gala. It was such a hit, we decided to combine it with warm apple…

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