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Victorian Death and Mourning Customs

Enjoy this discussion of  Victorian death and mourning customs by Oakland Cemetery volunteer Beth Dolgner. Photo courtesy of the Mütter Museum. From the collection of John Whitenight and Frederick LaValley. Photo by Alan Kolc.

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Researching the Residents of Oakland Cemetery

In this post, Oakland Genealogist Linda Ferree walks us through the process of researching the history of an otherwise unknown resident of Oakland Cemetery. A typical gravestone has a name with birth and death dates, separated by a dash. It…

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Resident Resource List

Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place for many Atlantans who shaped their communities, Atlanta, and the region. These men and women founded schools, established places of worship, opened businesses, and created community groups. They confronted discrimination and worked to…

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Virtual Tour: We Shall Overcome

"We Shall Overcome: African American Stories from Civil War to Civil Rights," a tour led by HOF volunteer Jihan Hurse as part of Oakland Cemetery's Juneteenth 2020 celebration. “We Shall Overcome” became the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement of…

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The History of Juneteenth

Juneteenth, a nationally-recognized commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States, is celebrated every year on June 19. Discover the history of the holiday and how Historic Oakland Foundation honors the generations of men and women that suffered…

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It’s a Man’s World Unless Women Vote

The 1848 Seneca Falls Convention in New York marked the first women’s rights convention, but the woman’s suffrage movement did not gain a foothold in Georgia until well after the Civil War. Before Emancipation, almost all suffrage advocates supported the…

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