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Virtual Atlanta Trivia with Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is thrilled to announce the debut of our new virtual trivia program! Support your favorite cemetery and compete to win special Oakland prizes with this fun, interactive evening of Atlanta history and pop culture.

On Friday, May 22, we will be hosting our virtual event.

  • One ticket is required per team/household, whether you’re sheltering solo or sheltering with a crowd.
  • Tickets are $15 for general admission and $10 for HOF members.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.
  • Brainstorm your team name before you sign up—you’ll submit it with your registration!
  • You’ll need two devices to participate (any combination of a smart phone, computer, or tablet).

Register for Oakland Trivia!

The COVID-19 outbreak has posed challenges to many cultural institutions, and Historic Oakland Foundation is no exception. We have had to be creative in both the ways that we raise operational income and the ways in which we continue to serve the public by sharing Oakland Cemetery. While we’re so pleased that we’re still able to safely share Oakland and the beauty of the spring gardens as a city park, we miss engaging with our visitors! That’s one reason why we’re so excited to host this program, adapting to the times, and putting your knowledge to the test!

Think you’ve got what it takes to win? Here’s a sample of some of the questions you might encounter:

Which of the following music videos was filmed at Oakland Cemetery?
A. Players Ball – Outkast
B. Carry On – Lil Nas X
C. Estamos Bien – Bad Bunny
D. Graveyard – Halsey

At which intersection did the Atlanta Fire of 1917 start?
A. Edgewood Ave. and Randolph St.
B. Boulevard and Auburn Ave.
C. Decatur Rd. and Hilliard St.
D. Boulevard and Ralph McGill Blvd.


Answers: B,C


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