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New at the Museum Shop: Amazing Portaleo Candles

Amazing new Portaleo candles have just arrived at the Museum Shop, and they’re 20% off for Valentine’s Day!

Created by cake artist and Sculptor Karen Portaleo, these whimsical candles are hand-poured right here in Grant Park. Each candle is crafted with cleaner-burning non-scented soy, perfect for the environmentally sensitive.

The idea to make these sculptural candles came to Karen, in part, from hearing over and over, “Oh, it’s a shame to cut it” about her equally amazing cakes. Karen says, “While I enjoy the temporary nature of cake, my clients often expressed a wish to have something they could keep. This led to my thinking about what might relate to cake that I could easily reproduce and that the clients could keep and share with their guests.

Since cakes are often topped with candles, it seemed like a natural combination. I’m often asked to make cake toppers that can be removed from the top of the cake and saved, and candles fit this bill. Once I started actually making candles, I fell in love with the whole process, and the line quickly grew to include candles for the home.”

Portaleo candles are perfect for those who like unusual and exceptional items, and can be a sculptural addition to any room, or burned for their atmospheric effect -If you dare to light them!

Portaleo candles are normally priced at $49.99 to $64.99. Oakland’s Museum Shop is located at the Bell Tower.

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