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How to Make Oakland Cemetery’s Spiced Syrup

This spiced syrup is a creation from one of our staff members. It was originally concocted as the key ingredient for the Oakland Old Fashionedpaired with Four Roses Bourbon and served to guests at our Cocktails Conservation gala. It was such a hit, we decided to combine it with warm apple cider to add a new warm offering to be served during Capturing the Spirit of Oakland 2019 

This syrup can be enjoyed in many ways; hot, cold, with spirits our without! Add it to your favorite tea, substitute for honey in your favorite hot toddy recipe, mulled wine, or pour over ice cream for a seasonal sweet treat. 

Prep: 10 Min
Total Time: 40 min
Skill Level: Easy


• Measuring cup
• Measuring spoons
• 1 medium pot
• 1 vegetable peeler or paring knife
• Strainer/sieve
• Jar or bottle for storage


• 2 cups brown sugar
• 2 ½ cups water
• 4-5 whole nutmeg seeds (crushed)
• 4 whole star anise
• 6 whole sticks of cinnamon broken into pieces
• 12 whole cloves
• 32 allspice berries
• 1 tsp pink peppercorns
• 20 whole cardamom pods
• zest of 3 oranges (medium to large)
• 1 tbsp good quality vanilla extract

Step 1 -Combine all ingredients in a medium pot and set heat to medium-low. Bring to a simmer. Cook for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Simmer until fragrant and sugar is fully dissolved.

Tip: Keep a close eye on the heat; the molasses in the brown sugar can cause the mixture to overflow if the heat is too high.

Step 2 –
Once the syrup is done, allow it to cool completely.
Using a sieve (and funnel depending on the container), slowly strain the syrup into the vessel of your choice.

We recommend pouring the mixture into a glass jar, or a glass bottle if you intend to add it to your bar.

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