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Five Ways to Enjoy Oakland Cemetery (while Practicing Social Distancing)

Spring is an extra special time to visit Oakland. The temperature is pleasant, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming—the perfect remedy for the stressful times of late. Here are five ways to enjoy the historic cemetery this spring, even while you’re practicing social distancing:

Picnic like the Victorians

Oakland Cemetery is Atlanta’s oldest green space. Do like the Victorians and spend an afternoon in the park, enjoying this island of tranquility in the heart of the city. North Public Grounds, near the main gate on Oakland Avenue, Lion Square in the middle of the cemetery, and Potter’s Field on the eastern edge are the largest open spaces for visitors to enjoy, but you’ll find plenty of smaller, secluded spots around the grounds as you explore.

Walk your dog

With miles of roads and walkways traversing historic Oakland Cemetery’s beautiful and ornate Victorian gardens, dog walkers enjoy Oakland Cemetery every day. While you’re meandering the grounds, just remember to pick up after your four-legged friend (bags are available at the gates and inside the grounds) and to keep your pups on their leashes.

Take a stroll

The gates of Oakland are open from sunrise to sunset. Whether you enjoy history, art, horticulture, or just getting a little exercise in a city park, come and enjoy Oakland’s 48 acres on foot. You can download a map here that will show you how to get around and where to find some of the cemetery’s most popular sites. Remember to be careful on our historic roads, paths, and gutters!

Take a jog

Whether you’re in the mood for a gentle jog to loosen the muscles or a fast-paced work out to burn off some excess energy, Oakland’s rolling hills, asphalt roads, and brick walkways are the perfect backdrop to a one-mile jaunt or a five-mile workout.

Ride a bike

The gentle, rolling hills of Oakland are perfect for cyclists of all levels looking to get a few extra miles into a longer ride (the Atlanta BeltLine is only a short distance away to our east). Or peddle around the grounds and explore from a different vantage point. If you’re not an avid cyclist but enjoy an occasional ride, you can collect one of the city’s Relay Bike Share bikes at the King Memorial MARTA station, near The Little Tart Bake Shop, or outside Doc Chey’s Grant Park for a casual spin.

We look forward to being able to invite you back to Oakland for an event or tour, but until then, we think Oakland’s serenity can be just what the doctor ordered.

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