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Gardens Focus: Cemetery Whites

Spring is arriving in Oakland’s gardens. The daffodils are fading and being replaced by a symphony of spring blooms including our very early white iris. Many other irises will soon follow but these irises are the first to announce spring’s…

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How do you add something new to something old?

Historic sites are not necessarily fixed. As a historic AND active cemetery we must respect lot owners and descendants and their current needs with deference and sensitivity to the past. As such, change and progress here at Oakland are commonplace. This blog will discuss one type of change: the process of adding a new wall to an existing plot, surrounded by historic monuments.
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Daffodils Take Center Stage

Oakland’s daffodils are waking up and their cheerful faces help us endure these cold, wet winter days. You will see several varieties planted in the restored areas and remnants of historic plantings can be found scattered here and there.
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Restoration Work Continues

Oakland Cemetery is a historic landmark that receives over an estimated 50,000 visitors each year.  Continuing to maintain Oakland for visitors is critical to our future success. Historic preservation plays a central role in the mission of Historic Oakland Foundation…

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Winter is beautiful in the gardens!

Winter has finally arrived but the gardens remain quite beautiful. The evergreens provide elegant structure, the hollies are covered with red and yellow berries, and the blue sky is almost iridescent, however it's the flowers that catch everyone's eye. You'll see many flowers including old fashioned friends…

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