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Meet “Living Statue” Bob Seymore

If you've attended Sunday in the Park at Oakland over the past ten years or so, you've no doubt seen "Living Statue" Bob Seymore hard at work entertaining visitors while standing very still. We interviewed Bob about his unusual career…

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Oakland’s 2023 Youth Landscape and Hardscape Team

This year, Historic Oakland Foundation launched a new workforce development program. The Youth Landscape and Hardscape Team (YLHT) program is a six-week program that provides steady, paid summer employment, on-the-job training, and workplace skills that prepare students for the adult…

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Road Repaving Begins at Oakland

If you’ve been to Oakland Cemetery lately, you may have noticed that its asphalt roads are in need of repair, with potholes and uneven gutters causing safety concerns for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. That’s about to change. With over $2.4…

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