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Wow! That Sure is a Gneiss Rock!

Granite is one of the most common stone types we have at Oakland. It’s also one of the most common rocks on earth, making up the continental crust of our planet! Granite is an intrusive igneous rock, meaning that it…

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Headstone Cleaning: What Not To Do!

Grave marker cleaning is by far the most common preservation effort that takes place within a cemetery. At Oakland, we have regular volunteer days focused on the task. When done properly, cleaning the headstones and monuments in a cemetery can…

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The Effects of Acid Rain at Oakland

Why do some headstones at Oakland look more weathered than others? Why are some crisp and as easy to read as the day they were carved while others appear to have melted? The primary reason for this has to do…

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Using Lead in Cemetery Restoration

For as long as it has been dangerous, lead has also been incredibly useful. Some historians refer to it as the ancient equivalent of plastic: impossible to live without, but also not that healthy for us. Lead was a popular…

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