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Planned Gifts

Remembering historic Oakland Cemetery through a planned gift ensures Historic Oakland Foundation’s ability to care for and share Oakland Cemetery will remain viable for future generations to enjoy this unique historic site while advancing your own financial plan.

The Twelve Oaks Society offers you the opportunity to join others who have made a charitable contribution to Historic Oakland Foundation through a bequest or estate plan.  Historic Oakland Foundation will be caring for this sacred, historic place and telling the history of Atlanta long after your lifetime. Our work, and the lives we touch, can be your legacy.

What is a planned gift?

Planned gifts include just about anything other than a current gift of cash and usually require the assistance of a professional such as an attorney, broker, custodian, real estate agent, accountant or banker to complete your gift to charity.

Including Historic Oakland Foundation in your estate plan can allow your generosity to extend past your reach today and into the future.

What types of gifts can I make to Oakland Cemetery?

The type of planned gift appropriate for any donor will depend on the type of property that the donor has to give, his or her age, and other factors.

Retirement plan assets are often a good choice for planned gifts. Naming a charity as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA is usually easy and can result in income tax savings.

Naming Historic Oakland Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy is another way to make a larger lasting gift with current payment of a smaller premium amount.

Making a bequest to Historic Oakland Foundation in your Will of a certain dollar amount or percentage of your estate is a fairly simple planned gift, but it is important to make sure that all of the requisite formalities for a Will are followed whether it is a new Will or a Codicil (amendment) to your existing Will.

Split interest trusts are trusts where some interest is held by you or another individual, and another interest is held by Historic Oakland Foundation. A Charitable Remainder Trust can allow for a retained lifetime interest with the remainder going to Historic Oakland Foundation after a term of years or the death of the life beneficiary. A Charitable Lead Trust is the reverse, where Historic Oakland Foundation could benefit up front for a term of years with the remainder going to an individual family member.

Gifts of appreciated assets, including stock or real estate, can be more beneficial to all concerned than a sale followed by a gift of cash, the value of which could be diminished by capital gains tax. This can be particularly important for business owners contemplating a sale of the business.

I would like to make a Planned Gift or I have a question:

To discuss making a legacy gift to Historic Oakland Foundation contact Executive Director Richard Harker at or 404-549-8932. Or fill out the Planned Giving Committment form below.

If you prefer, you may also download and fill out this .pdf form. Return it to

This form is non-binding and does not constitute a legal promise of any future donation. We understand that your estate plans may change.
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