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Winter Memories

By Sara Henderson
The Thanksgiving feast causes us to stop, savor and be appreciative for the countless blessings in our lives. It symbolizes the end to the harvest season and the successful gathering of the food needed to survive the coming winter. Whether you are a farmer or a gardener, it marks the end of the growing season. Last weekend’s hard freeze cut down the remaining tender plants and the early dusk reminds us that the year’s shortest day is less than a month away.

photo on Instagram by swaphotos,
Photo on Instagram by swaphotos.
Our gardens look very different now. The bright greens of tender foliage and the many-colored flowers are mostly gone. We are busy cutting back, raking leaves and generally putting the gardens to bed for a short winter nap.
Photo on Instagram by wcdarling.
Photo on Instagram by wcdarling.
The grays and browns that dominate can seem dreary, but I look at them as a brief period when the canvas is clear and waiting for the next season. The New Year will be here before we know it and the days will be getting longer. The garden will start waking up and the early, winter bloomers will appear.
We will start putting out the wreaths and bows that families ordered. They bring a bit of color but, much more importantly, they symbolize love and remembrance of departed friends and family.
It is heartwarming to drive through the grounds and see the many family plots decorated for the season. There are more each year and we hope that trend will continue. We will continue putting them out as orders are received, so there is still time to place an order if you wish. The order form and instructions are below.
 Buy your wreath online, or print and mail in your form
December brings us together as families to celebrate and share. These gatherings strengthen the ties that hold families close. They are also the perfect time to share your memories and pass on stories. The Victorians believed that you were only truly dead when your name was no longer spoken, and remembrances during this season will assure that this never happens.

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