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The Lighting of Atlanta

By Larry Upthegrove By 1855 Atlanta’s population had grown to over 6000 souls. The city was a boom town. Merchants were feeding well off the growth of the city, and commerce was flooding in because of the railroads. The city…

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What's in a name?

We name things to help us organize, categorize, and understand the world around us. To help you understand the world of Oakland Cemetery, we have created a visual glossary of common cemetery terms. Feel free to email us if you have…

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Buried Treasures at Oakland

The history of Atlanta is buried at Oakland. Restoration Manager, Dustin Hornsby, knows it’s not the only thing, “Many of the tombstones have sunk and have become buried and forgotten over the years; some buried as deep as 18 inches.”
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How do you add something new to something old?

Historic sites are not necessarily fixed. As a historic AND active cemetery we must respect lot owners and descendants and their current needs with deference and sensitivity to the past. As such, change and progress here at Oakland are commonplace. This blog will discuss one type of change: the process of adding a new wall to an existing plot, surrounded by historic monuments.
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