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Telling Atlanta’s Histories: New at Sunday in the Park 2018

Oakland Cemetery is the story of Atlanta. Whether rich or poor, black or white, famous or infamous, every resident’s story here at Oakland Cemetery shines a light on the beautiful mosaic that is Atlanta’s rich history.

This year, at Historic Oakland Foundation’s longest-running event, Sunday in the Park, we will be sharing some of these stories and shining a light on where we, as a city and community, come from and what we might learn as we consider our present and future.

When visitors step through Oakland’s gate to experience the Foundation’s oldest “signature” event on Sunday September 30 (Noon-6pm), you will meet actors who will portray individuals like Selena Sloan Butler, a Georgia Woman of Achievement.

Butler was born free in 1872 in Thomasville, Georgia, attended Spelman College, and went on to change the lives of innumerable children when she founded the first black PTA in the nation. In telling stories like Mrs. Butler’s, we remember the rich and complex history of Atlanta as reflected in Oakland Cemetery.

Join us at Sunday in the Park 2018 to hang out with history and hear Selena Sloan Butler’s story, and others like hers. Sunday in the Park is free to attend on Sunday September 30, 2018 from Noon-6pm.

All proceeds from HOF’s events like Sunday in the Park are reinvested into the preservation, restoration, enhancement, and sharing of Oakland Cemetery.

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