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Here are the answers to the “medium” version of the 2024 Spring Scramble scavenger hunt:


Zone A

1.  Boss

2.  Yes

3.  Albert I. Haas

Zone B

4.  February 7, 1847

Mr. McGregor owned a large book, stationery, and printing office business.  

5.  Katherine and Laurent

6.  828

Zone C

7.  Yes, she was.

8.  Powell and Parker

9.  1911

Zone D

10.  Canadian (Eastern) Hemlock

Member of pine family and is native to North America.  No part of the hemlock is poisonous.

11.  Thibadeau

12.  Mack

Charles Taylor, Auburn graduate, began his career as a cotton broker and later became a real estate broker. He and Harvey Mathis bought the company where they were employed.  The name was changed to Taylor & Mathis. Taylor & Mathis developed property that became known as Perimeter Center. Their firm became a well-respected developer and remains in business today.


Answer: 20th

Thanks for participating and for supporting Historic Oakland Foundation.

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