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Here are the answers to the “easy” version of the 2024 Spring Scramble scavenger hunt:


Zone A

1.  War of 1812

2.  James

3.  1887

Christian Kontz has been described as the founder of this Atlanta family.  He spoke English, French, and German.  His farm long since gone was in the area of 14th street.

4.  Amelia

Zone B

5.  Peace begins with a smile

6.  82

7.  Whatever it takes to save a child

8.  2D Lieut

Zone C

9.  Inverness

10.  April 24, 1917

11.  1849-1918

12.   Diamond E. Stocks Walk

Diamond’s husband’s image taken on day of her funeral is the cover of “Images of America:  Historic Oakland Cemetery” by Tevi Taliaferro.


Answer: Albert I. Haas


Thanks for participating and for supporting Historic Oakland Foundation.

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