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Here are the answers to the “deadly” version of the 2024 Spring Scramble scavenger hunt:


Zone A

1.  George Truman Curtis

2.  William Muller

His obituary says Mr. Muller was a master mechanic at Western and Atlanta and built the first sleeper car to be run on the road.

3.  Yes

Zone B

4.  Tate

Reverend was named after Thaddeus Stevens and Wendell Phillips, abolitionists.

5.  20th

6.  Mrs. Henrietta Simmons

Zone C

7.  Orson

In addition to being a reverend, Orson was a public school principal.

8.  Blanchard

9.  Mary J. Hulsey Bell

Ms. Bell had nine siblings and six children.  Her son Piromis lived for 98 years (1858 to 1956) and died in DeKalb County.  He was pictured in a Constitution photo with the caption “Knew Atlanta When”.

Zone D

10.  Lived for others

Mildred had nine siblings.  Ms. Thomson died in Minnesota.

11.  Yes

Captain’s obituary erroneously reported he was buried in Westview.

12.  England

Pan American made first commercial passenger flight between England and USA in 1939.


Answer: Dr. Jennie Newman Norris

Dr. Norris practiced for more than 30 years and delivered more than 3,000 babies. Learn more about Dr. Norris and other Oakland residents at

Thanks for participating and for supporting Historic Oakland Foundation.

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