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Simple Tips for Fresh Holiday Wreaths and Greenery

Filling your home with the beauty and fresh smell of greenery is one of the best ways to celebrate the season! Here are a few tips from our gardens team for keeping your greenery fresh and green throughout the season:

  • When you get your greenery home, remove it from the plastic bag as soon as possible. The foliage can deteriorate rapidly when left in the plastic too long.
  • Place your fresh greenery outdoors in a cool, shaded area until you are ready to put it out or take it indoors. Direct sun and dry indoor air will cause the greenery to naturally dry out, so put your fresh décor out as late as possible, right before you want it to look its best.
  • Re-cutting the tips of the branches and twigs and placing them in water will help the greenery absorb moisture more rapidly.
  • Misting your greenery with water will help keep it greener longer.
  • You can also use an anti-desiccant spray. This product coats the foliage with a waxy coating which slows down water loss in the leaves or needles. You can find these organic products online or at your local garden center.
  • Always play it safe and keep your greenery away from open flames.
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