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Camellia japonica is considered the queen of southern gardens because of its year-round beauty and durability. These plants will live for years with only minor maintenance and bring color and beauty into the grayest winter days. The varieties we are offering here have been sourced from growers in Georgia. Some varieties are over 200 years old and others are newer, but all are proven performers.

Care Tips: Select a site with dappled sun to shade, amend the soil with organic matter, and plant your camellias with their root balls an inch or so above the level of the surrounding soil. They will settle in and grow into large evergreen shrubs with large, glossy, dark-green leaves topped by showy flowers from November through April. Prune in early spring to maintain a smaller size. You can also limb them up as they grow and they will become a small, evergreen tree.

Pick-up: Pick up your orders at the greenhouse on March 6th from 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.  Watch for an e-mail that week containing specific pick-up instructions. Any orders not picked up on the 6th will be considered a donation to the gardens unless you make alternate pick-up arrangements by March 12th by contacting

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