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Restoration Work Continues

Oakland Cemetery is a historic landmark that receives over an estimated 50,000 visitors each year.  Continuing to maintain Oakland for visitors is critical to our future success. Historic preservation plays a central role in the mission of Historic Oakland Foundation (HOF).  Successfully restoring Oakland requires the site to be divided into smaller segments, each with a distinct character.
This map illustrates the order of the restoration phases.
restorationmap thumb
Treatment recommendations have three categories: stabilization, preservation, and restoration.  Preservation and restoration treatments adhere to the standards established by the Secretary of the Interior and the Atlanta Urban Design Commission.
Along with work on the main ten phases, an ongoing “triage” program addresses short-term threats to grave markers, coping, and walls. These threats include theft, additional damage, leaning grave markers, fallen headstones, and public safety issues.
Currently, we are working in phase three, the area close to the main gate.   Projects include work on grave markers, masonry retaining walls, steps, brick gutters, and walkways.  Check back for more updates on our work in phase three!  Your support is critical to keep our projects moving forward.

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