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Our Fascinating State of Georgia

We love our great state of Georgia! From the swamps and coastline down south through the plains, piedmont, and mountains up north, there are endless stories, fascinating facts, and many a colorful character that have shaped our state history. We invite you to explore our storied state from your armchair-or on the go- with these books from our online Museum Store, each featuring different aspects of the rich history of Georgia.

If you have a penchant for reading about nefarious doings and villainous characters, Jerks in Georgia History is for you. Each of the 15 biographies in this volume details the exploits of the less than genteel, and often quite wicked, perpetrators of mischief and mayhem in our past. $14.99

What’s under all those “unnatural” lakes in North Georgia? Learn the histories of the many forgotten small towns and crossroad communities displaced by progress that still hold the secrets of the past in watery graves in Underwater Ghost Towns of North Georgia. $23.99

Did you know Georgia has more counties than any other state except Texas? Each of our 159 beautiful and history-filled counties is represented by a full page of historic and interesting drawings in the fun and truly entertaining Amazing Georgia coloring book. Color your way through our state while learning what makes each county truly unique. $10.95

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