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New Special Topic Tours at Oakland

We recently added a few new special topic tours into our tour rotation! Read the descriptions below to learn more about our new offerings.

To get tickets for one of these tours (or one of our many other amazing tours) click here.

Behind-the-Stones Preservation Tour

Join the Behind the Stones tour for an exclusive look at past and ongoing preservation and restoration efforts. This 75-minute walking tour discusses and visits several of types of physical preservation efforts— from the repair of small, badly broken headstones to the stabilization of dangerously leaning obelisks weighing several thousand pounds. Guests will also see examples of restoration, which involves intervening to return a monument, headstone, or structure to its original appearance or condition.

Veterans of Oakland

Come hear the stories of military veterans who reside at Oakland or those with connections to Oakland. You’ll be introduced to veterans from the Mexican American War to the Korean War, both men and women. These individuals and their service help tell the history of the U.S.A. and our nation’s relationship to the world.

Oakland MD: Discovering Oakland’s Healthcare Pioneers

Oakland MD: Discovering Oakland’s Healthcare Pioneers highlights the physicians and dentists who provided care to Atlanta’s citizens from the city’s earliest days to its emergence as a center for medical excellence.

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