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Museum Store Feature: Marvelous, Nurturing Nature

Taking a walk around the gardens at Oakland, one is immediately connected to the natural world through the many trees, flowers, birds, and insects that thrive here. When exploring our paths and open spaces, the mysteries of nature are amplified by the miraculous changes brought about by a new season. In spring, Oakland will come alive with glorious color and energy!

During this quiet, reflective season of winter, our thoughts turn more and more to these things in anticipation, as early signs of spring are seen here and there. Nature is a nurturing force, and it is all around us, even in the city. It speaks to us in many ways, and if we choose to listen, we can learn valuable lessons and gain new insight into the inhabitants of the natural world -and indeed, our own selves. These books from our online Museum Store offer a chance to do just that while deepening our connection to the plants and animals around us.

Braiding Sweetgrass Is a collection of essays by indigenous scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer that explores the gifts and lessons offered by plants and animals, our oldest “teachers.” Kimmerer’s essays connect to the fundamental idea that true ecological awareness requires us to accept our own reciprocal place in nature, and celebrate the connections we have with the natural world while restoring those long forgotten. In doing so, we will learn the lessons that plants and animals can teach us. New York Times and  The Washington Post bestseller. $18.00

The Inner Life of Animals explores the ways in which animals experience life surprisingly like us. The latest scientific research reveals that from emotions and intellectual capability to social structure and communication, animals are more complex and closer to us than previously thought. Wohlleben, the author of The Secret Wisdom of Nature, shares insightful stories of our animal friends and opens the door to a greater understanding of them and their rich inner lives. $24.95

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