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Museum Shop Finds: 5 Terrific Last-Minute Gifts any Mom is Sure to Love

Still looking for a unique gift for a mom in your life? Head for Oakland’s Bell Tower to pick up one of these fun and thoughtful gifts from our Visitors Center and Museum Shop:
Talk Southern To Me,  $16.99
The hilarious book that the South’s very own Dolly Parton described as “fun, informative, and oh-so Southern,” Talk Southern To Me is a love letter to the South, y’all. Essays ’bout charm, beauty and style, chewin’ the fat, love, parenting, and more―full of yes ma’ams and no sirs, casseroles and cheese balls, taffeta and pom-poms . . .  plus more Southern phrases than you can shake a stick at.
If you’re not from the South, bless your heart, pay attention cause there’s a ton of wisdom to be found in these heartfelt, humorous ways. Southerners speak their own unique version of the English language, and you’ll come to understand it in these pages. It’s a linguistic art. And it’s gooder than grits, y’all.
General Sherman and the Georgia Belles, $19.99
Cathy Kaemmerlen, a renowned storyteller and historical interpreter, provides a colorful collection of tales of exceptional Georgia women who made great sacrifices in an effort to save their families and homes. From the innocent diary of a 10-year-old girl to the words of a woman who risks everything to see her husband one last time, Kaemmerlen exposes the grit and gumption of these remarkable Southern women in inspiring and entertaining fashion.
Women in Atlanta, $26.99
Although Southern women are often portrayed as belles, the photographic record suggests the true diversity, complexity, and richness of their lives. In their roles as wives, mothers, teachers, pilots, businesswomen, and reformers, among others, women contributed greatly to the growth and development of the region. In Atlanta, they helped remake a small railroad hub into the thriving capital of the New South. The photographs in this book, drawn from the collections of the James G. Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center, depict Atlanta women at work and at play from the mid-19th century to the 1970s. In addition to illustrating women’s dramatically changing roles during this period, the volume situates these women within the emerging regional and national contexts of their time.
Oakland Pottery: Frog Vases and Mugs, vases $39.99 mugs $28.00
Created by a talented local potter, these free-form vessels are designed to hold flowers ikebana-style with a flower frog insert. Each unique vase is impressed with leaves and foliage from Oakland’s beautiful gardens.
These sturdy, hand-thrown Oakland mugs come in a variety of glazes and textural finishes, $28.00.
Artisanal Salts and Sugars from Beautiful Briny Sea, $8.00
Beautiful Briny Sea is an artisan dry goods company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our small-batch salt blends, sugars, and other culinary products are made with integrity, sustainability and a whole lot of love.
Garden Voyage Botanicals Soaps in lavender, bayberry, and refreshing peppermint$5.99
Garden Voyage Botanicals soaps are all-natural, Shea Butter–enriched soaps made in the United States. These lightly fragranced soaps are vegetable-based and leave the skin feeling clean and rehydrated.
On Sunday Mother’s Day, all moms get 10% off any museum shop purchase. Just tell the volunteer ringing you up that you’re a mom.

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