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Monuments on the Move

Monuments can be threatened by the best of intentions. A planting by a family member or friend may seem harmless at first. Decades down the road, however, the unintended consequences can be devastating to the monuments and markers in the plot.
IMG_5164 IMG_5163
There are two solutions-cut down the tree or move the monument. At Oakland, we typically move the marker until the tree has reached its full life cycle.
There are a couple of factors to consider when moving a monument: original placement of the marker-typically at the head of a grave, and how big the tree and its root system will most likely get.  Once a determination is made, documentation begins. We take pictures of the original placement, and its condition. We take more pictures once the move is made. This move is also documented in the written burial records. As a rule, the Oakland restoration crew will always keep a marker over the grave it is associated with.

2010 Restoration 089 2010 Restoration 086 2010 Restoration 088

In the end, the tree will die, and the monument can be moved back to its original position. The move is just temporary.

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