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Mini Scavenger Hunt: East Hill

Next time you’re at Oakland, see if you can solve these East Hill riddles!

1. Welcome to East Hill! Head to the corner gate to read all about this zone.
What’s the name of Chosewood’s daughter resting close? It sounds like a gemstone!

2. Find a monument for a man who is not there. His cenotaph is a stone plant-covered post.
What was the name of his steamship lost to the sea? Not a true city, it never reached the coast.

3. We know these riddles are a challenge, but there’s no need to fall to your knees and weep.
Find a Beer or brew to comfort you and tell us the spring start date of her eternal sleep.

4. You should be next to the 1914 vault and not far from the locked wall gate.
Find the copper plate on the base of Alfred’s noble tomb and tell us the copyright date.

Answer 1: Ruby Chosewood Norton

Ruby Chosewood Norton (1894-1919) was born to parents Charles L. and Dora Chosewood. C.L. Chosewood was a longtime city council member for Atlanta’s Third Ward. From 1907 to 1916, Chosewood operated a successful amusement park near Grant Park. Chosewood’s amusement park boasted a circle swing, a Ferris wheel, a swimming pool, a miniature railroad, and even a roller coaster. Today, Parkside Elementary School sits on the site of the amusement park’s lake.


Answer 2: City of Athens

German-born August Denk immigrated to the United States when he was 17 and found work at the Fulton Cotton and Bag Mill in neighboring Cabbagetown. He rose from office boy to company treasurer. In 1918, Denk traveled to New York by boat to attend to company business. On the return trip on board the City of Athens, the ship collided with the French cruiser La Gloire off the coast of Delaware on May 1, 1918. The boat sank in less than seven minutes, killing 67 of the 125 passengers – including August Denk. This monument is a cenotaph, a marker for someone who is not buried there.


Answer 3: May 5, 2016 (Daphne Lynne Beer)

Daphne Lynne Beer is remembered by her family and friends for her love of animals and her support for worthy causes that benefitted people in need. Her epitaph comes from the final sentence of The Great Gatsby: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”


Answer 4: 1906

The large tombstone shared by renowned architect Alfred Eichberg and his parents, Joseph and Caroline, is the only copyrighted tombstone in the cemetery. Alfred Eichberg designed buildings around the Southeast, including at least 15 major buildings in Savannah and the surrounding areas. Among these buildings are Candler Telfair Hospital, Fox and Weeks funeral, and the Savannah College of Art and Design’s school of building arts (known as Eichberg Hall).

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