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Let’s talk critical…

We have talked about our phased restoration and described what activities we do as we continue with our master plan. Situations arise when damage to a plot, or a marker, or a wall is in critical condition.

Critical restoration is outside the phase restoration process. It deals with monuments, walls, or markers that are endangering guests or are in danger of becoming severely damaged, or markers that have already fallen.

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Throughout the cemetery, there are broken and fallen stones.  There are many reasons why this happens, it could be from the weather, trees, people, the quality of the stone, etc.

The critical restoration fund was developed 7 years ago, and continues to be funded by donations. Through this fund, Historic Oakland Foundation has restored hundreds of markers all over the cemetery. Since this program was established, it has increased the integrity of the cemetery as a whole; the difference is dramatic. Critical restoration is an integral part of our overall plan, and can only continue with the support of the community.

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