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Surprises in the gutter…

By Dustin Hornsby and Collier Neeley
Several years ago the City of Atlanta tried to vacuum clean the 19th century brick drainage pipes that run throughout the cemetery.  They were unable to complete the job in the pipe near the Jewish Flats section because of some large obstruction, and due to the location they were incapable of determining what the obstruction was.
Recently, the cemetery staff reported an emergency maintenance issue to the City of Atlanta.  The same brick drainage pipe collapsed underneath the main road causing a sink hole. The pipe was 24 inches in circumference and ran the width of the road with a storm drain on either side. The City set to excavating the collapsed pipe and replacing it with a modern, concrete pipe.  In the middle of the digging they unearthed a marble sphere about 22 inches around, just small enough to fit in the drainage pipe.
DSCN6638 DSCN6633
At a quick glance, one may think it to be ordinance left from the Civil War. That would have been a big cannon!
Restoration Staff, however, concluded that the sphere must have been a piece of a memorial from one of the surrounding plots based on the size and the material.  Restoration Staff speculated that the sphere was taken off its pedestal, then rolled to the road and down the gutter, eventually finding its way into the pipe.
Thanks to the resourcefulness of the Restoration Staff, it was quickly discovered to which monument the sphere belonged. The Restoration Staff found an intact monument, the Sinkovits monument, with a similar sphere. While examining the Sinkovits monument, the staff noticed the Pollock monument, which was obviously missing something, the sphere found in the pipe.
The sphere once sat on a pedestal atop the Pollock monument in the Jewish Flats section of the cemetery.
It just goes to show, if a monument appears to be missing something, it pays to keep your mind in the gutter!

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