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Illumine Artist Feature: Valerie Crisostomo

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Please tell us a little about yourself and your background as a floral artist.

My journey in floral design started six years ago when one of my clients requested flowers for her wedding. I soon after participated in a few styled shoots and was published in Wedding Wire, Our Love in Color, and in The Knot. My designs include foliage and open buds, and I use a range of colors depending on the occasion. I especially enjoy working with roses and filler flowers such as alstroemeria and anemones.

Do you have preferred materials to work with?

My preferred materials to work with are foam and vases, as well as trays and making hand-wrapped bouquets. Installations that include free-standing designs are among the top pieces that I enjoy working with.

What influences your work?

My work is influenced by the vision of my client and the season that the design will be in. For springtime, I like to use a lot of color and texture, and in the fall I like to go with a more moody palette and take advantage of the deep-colored foliage.

What can we expect from your work at Illumine 2022?

For Illumine 2022, I really want to capture the transition of winter to spring by using a lot of color in my design as well as moss and various foliage types. I want to capture the beauty and growth that happen in seasons of transition.

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