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Illumine 2023 Call for Artists

Trees are essential to the identity, history, and landscape of historic Oakland Cemetery. From the early oaks that inspired its name and the unique tropical specimens planted during the Victorian era to the towering magnolias that provide shade for today’s visitors, critical flora and rich cultural meaning are rooted in the soil of Oakland. Trees contribute to the ecosystem through habitat, food, and shelter and support the environmental health and biodiversity of Atlanta. They are also imbued with meaning, symbolism, and power and incorporated into the diverse cultural and burial practices found in Oakland.

Over two weekends in April, encompassing both Earth Day and Arbor Day, Illumine 2023 will use innovative lighting, art installations, and music to shine a light on Oakland’s unique trees and their environmental, historical, social, and cultural meaning. Historic Oakland Foundation (HOF) is pleased to call for proposals for artistic installations for Illumine 2023.

Proposals can include any ideas related to the physical, psychological, historical, or cultural contributions of trees. From the champions trees and oaks to the tree of life symbolism found in a variety of cultures, HOF encourages artists to celebrate trees or complicate human beings’ relationship to trees and to imagine the concept broadly and through a wide variety of mediums. Artists can consider the historical context of Oakland Cemetery, the role of trees in cultural representations found within its walls, or present-day environmental and equity issues related to canopy loss, shade equity, climate change, or other issues.

Proposals must include

  • A concept statement
  • A description of the medium and materials
  • Examples of previous work (if applicable)
  • A simple budget

Artists will be compensated for their work and reimbursed for materials.

Submissions Closed.

Artists will be notified of a decision in early February.


Tickets for Illumine go on sale February 1 at

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