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Here are the answers to the “medium” version of the 2021 Holiday Hunt scavenger hunt:

1. Stranger

We don’t know the name, birth dates, death dates, or story of the stranger buried in the Greene family lot.

2. Florida

In 1842, Mary McMillan was born in Quincy, Florida. She married Albert Bellingrath (a native of Lennep, Germany) in 1861.

3. A day of sunny rest

Adelaide Wilson’s epitaph comes from the hymn “Blessed are they that Mourn” by William Cullen Bryant, which references the bible – “Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted.” The epitaph is here to comfort the living.

4. D.N. Judson

Sophia Saloshin (1847-1868) is buried in Old Jewish Burial Grounds (established in 1860). Her marker was supplied by David Newton Judson, a marble dealer. Judson is buried at Oakland Cemetery.

5. 65 years

Margaret Vaughan Farmer and Henry Reese Ivey, Sr. married in 1945. They were together for 65 years until Henry’s death in 2010.

6. Rabbits or bunnies

Mac Byce served his country for 10 years achieving the rank of Captain and receiving a silver star and a meritorious service medal for his courage in Vietnam. Upon his return, he worked for Reliance Electric for 25 years. In 1993, he formed his own company building custom homes in Brookhaven. Although B.F. Yancey’s massive cross gravestone shows the year 1921, he didn’t actually die until 1931.

7. Ann Reid McKinley

Ann Reid McKinley was born in 1813 in Virginia. She was considered one of the most beautiful women in her native state. She married Ebenezer Davis McKinley (buried in Newnan, Georgia) in 1846. During the Civil War, Ann McKinley established a hospital for wounded soldiers. She died at her home on West Peachtree Street in 1891.

8. Thomas C. Duke

Thomas Calvin Duke, the son of Thomas William Duke and Susie A. Dennard, was born on March 1, 1899. Although his stone lists his death as Christmas Day 1923, historical records show that he actually died in March 1924.

9. Robert Burns

Robert Burns was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland. This piece, known as “Epitaph for the Author’s Father” and “On My Ever Honoured Father,” was written by Burns following his father’s death in 1784.

10. Dundee, Scotland

Dr. David Watson McGregor, a native Scot, died while visiting Dundee, Scotland. Dundee is Scotland’s fourth-largest city.

11. Legion

Harvey Hill (1878-1925) was the grandson of politician Benjamin Harvey Hill.

12. Coffin

Julia Coffin Harle, wife of James Harle, is buried in the Coffin lot on East Hill. Her sisters, Ella and Sarah Coffin, are buried nearby. Their father, James Coffin, was a farmer and not in the funeral business.

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