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Here are the answers to the “deadly” version of the 2021 Holiday Hunt scavenger hunt:

1. The End of the Trail

Benjamin Franklin Perry Jr. lived in Cherokee, Georgia, and worked as a manager and bookkeeper of a marble shop. His stone features a replica of James Earle Fraser’s “The End of The Trail” sculpture. The work depicts a Native American man riding a horse. Both are exhausted and weary. The statue has several themes, including the suffering and exhaustion of indigenous people driven from their lands by Euro-American settlement.

2. Ellen Treadwell Green

Ellen Treadwell married Dr. John William Green in 1876. She spent most of her life in Murray County in northwest Georgia. She died in 1931 and was survived by her husband, one son, and four daughters.

3. Felix Camp

Felix Camp died at age 36 in Alabama. Camp graduated from Georgia Tech and worked as an engineer.

4. Delta Kappa Gamma in Georgia

Elise Reid Boylston (1884-1984) co-founded the Georgia chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. Boylston was an artist, author of children’s books, and wrote Atlanta: Its Lore, Legends, and Laughter.

5. His fellow man

Born in Baltimore, John Malachi McGuirk lived in Texas for much of his life before moving to Atlanta. He lived on Decatur Street and worked as a grocer.

6. Mae Reese Holland

Mae Reese Holland (1873-1966) is buried between her parents and siblings.

7. 1 Corinthians 13:1-2

George Howie Kirby, buried here, died in 1995. His wife, Patricia Anne Kirby Craddock, was an award-winning poet and writer.

8. December 16, 1830 and December 21, 1914

Mary Baker Spencer (1830-1914) was the widow of Samuel Baker Spencer, who served as mayor of Atlanta from 1874 to 1875. He was the last mayor to serve a one-year term.

9. Lot 4, Block Number 352

Henry Gartrell Sheilds (1853-1899) married Rosa Campbell (1863-1903) on September 29, 1880. Their lot information is engraved into the cornerstone.

10. May 1860

Cornelia Butler “Carrie” Dobbins, the daughter of Miles Dobbins, married Judge John Cunningham on May 8, 1860. The couple rests south of the Gowitt Mausoleum.

11. Julius Mortimer Alexander and Rebecca Ella Solomons

Julius Alexander married Rebecca Solomons in 1874. The couple rests near three of their sons – Henry, Cecil, and Julius.

12. Riga, Latvia

Carl Von Hoffman was born on February 13, 1890, in Riga, Latvia. He immigrated to New York City by 1910. He is buried next to his wife Elinor, the great-granddaughter of Reverend John Jones.

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