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HOF to Raise Funds for New Signage on GA Gives on #Giving Tuesday

GAGives Day is Tuesday, November 30. Help us raise $6,000 for new wayfinding signage at historic Oakland Cemetery.

One of the most enjoyable experiences one can have while visiting Oakland Cemetery’s 48 acres of Victorian gardens is wandering the historic brick pathways, never knowing what amazing art, architecture, or lush floral display you might discover at the next turn. When you have a destination in mind, however—whether you’re a commuter using the cemetery as a more pleasant cut through to the Marta Station, a tourist trying to find Margaret Mitchell’s gravesite, or a last-minute gift hunter searching for our Museum Store—Oakland Cemetery’s lack of directional signage is less than ideal.

Last year we installed directional signage throughout the East Hill area of the cemetery: a large wayfinding sign by the new East Gate and more than a dozen small directional signs throughout the area pointing visitors to Potters Field, the Main Gate, and other destinations and sections worth exploring. We want to bring that convenience and ease of navigation to the rest of Oakland’s 48 acres, but new signage is expensive. Large wayfinding signs like the one at the East Gate cost about $5,000 each, and small directional signs can run about $300 each.

With your help, we can add more wayfinding signage that will help Oakland’s visitors get where they want to go and make visiting this special place easier for all. Please make a donation toward wayfinding signage at Oakland Cemetery today.

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Small signage installed in 2020
Wayfinding kiosk installed near the East Gate in 2020
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