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Here are the answers to the 2023 Haunted Hunt scavenger hunt:

Zone A

  1. 1935

  2.  Kenny — Michael Kenny was born in 1838. The Fair of 1870 featured several attractions, including a pigeon shooting contest, a fiddling contest, and the most anticipated event – a jousting tournament. Riders competed by driving a lance through rings that swung from a post. Whoever caught the greatest number of rings was crowned the champion and given the title of “Knight.” Michael Kenny entered the contest riding a rather spirited horse that some considered out of control. While riding for the rings, something spooked the horse, and it leaped over the railing on a curve. Kenny was thrown against a post and killed. 

    He owned Chicago Ale Depot in downtown Atlanta – Kenny’s Alley at Underground Atlanta was named in his honor.  

  3.  1922

Zone B

  1. He loved his fellow man

  2. Southern Magnolia

  3. No

Zone C

  1. His children — Joseph and Rose Rich immigrated to the United States from Hungary. Their two sons started a dry goods store which expanded and became the retail giant Rich’s Department Store.  

  2. Mary R.  Bryant Donaldson

  3. December 1, 1918

Zone D

  1.  Flora Brown Patterson and Flora Belle Bryan

  2. Queens — Michael and Elizabeth Bloomfield were Irish immigrants who settled in Atlanta and had ten children. In 1863, four of their daughters died from Diphtheria, which is an infectious disease that starts with a sore throat and fever. This disease can lead to heart and nerve damage. Likely the sisters shared beds – being in close contact with one another allowed the disease to spread quickly, and the four died within a ten-day period.

  3.  David Crockett

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