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Here are the answers to the 2023 Haunted Hunt scavenger hunt:

Zone A

  1.  J. J. Mullan — Irishman Daniel Dougherty owned Atlanta’s first bakery and operated a ten-pin alley. In 1855, Dougherty was stabbed in the abdomen as he walked along Whitehall Street. It was a fatal injury – the murderer was never apprehended.

  2.  Yes

  3.  1867

Zone B

  1. February 16, 1925

  2. Marie Gray Coheley

  3. L. A. Chiles

Zone C

  1. May

  2. July 4, 1838

  3. Elvira

Zone D

  1. T. G. Spearman — “Out in the Rain” fountain is a replica of a fountain on display at the 1876 United States Centennial celebration in Philadelphia. In 1913, the City of Atlanta paid for the cast-iron statue, which was renovated in the mid-2000s.

  2. Robt, Almedia, May, December

  3. Wm A. Ward

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