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Here are the answers to Girl Scout Search Hunt 2022 – Medium:

1. December 11, 2015

Gloria Baker Scroggins earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of South Carolina. She launched a successful personnel agency, Scroggins Personnel. Gloria loved travel, friends, and Scrabble. She loved restaurants, disliked cooking, and studied German for fun with her husband, Frank.

2. Freida Seddon Peacock

Freida Seddon Peacock was just a few days shy of her 58th birthday when she died in 1964.

3. Catherine Holmes

Catherine Holmes, an African American woman, was born in Charleston. Her father bought his freedom before Catherine was born, thus she was never enslaved. She worked as a cook and nurse for the Boylston family. The Boylston children called her “Cattie.” Catherine Holmes was noted for her storytelling genius. She told traditional African folk tales that thrilled anyone who listened.

4. Carrie Steele Logan (born 1829), Nellie Peters Black (born 1851), Lollie Belle Moore Wylie (born 1858), Selena Sloan Butler (born 1872), Julia Collier Harris (born 1875), Rhoda Kaufman (born 1888), and Margaret Mitchell (born 1900)

5. Betsy Rucker

Betsy Rucker was one of the pioneer members of Friendship Baptist Church. Friendship Baptist Church was established in 1862 and independently organized in 1866. In the days after the Civil War, Friendship Baptist became Atlanta’s first black Baptist autonomous congregation. Friendship’s role in black education has been unique. Morehouse College, upon moving to Atlanta from Augusta, Georgia in 1879, set up classes in Friendship Baptist Church. Spelman College had its beginning in the basement of the previous church site in 1881.

6. March 27, 1853

Emma Kate Bowie Williams, known as Kate, purchased the lot for the burial of her first husband, Robert Bowie (d. 1876). She shares his monument. Her epitaph reads, “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.” Kate, a housekeeper in 1870, and later a laundress, owned property in her own name. The Bowie home was on Hilliard Street. She worked as a nurse at the Atlanta Surgical Institute and was later employed at a grocery store. In 1895, Emma Kate Bowie married Harrison P. Williams, a school janitor, and minister.

7. Norris

Francis Josephine Norris found fame as a baker in Atlanta. She was known as “an artist” in her own right. But before she became a baker, she was once a public-school teacher. Francis Norris lived to be 73 years old.

8. How many subjects did your group write down? Our favorite school subject is history!

9. Beat

Daphne Lynne Beer is remembered by her family and friends for her love of animals and her support for worthy causes that benefitted people in need. Her epitaph comes from the final sentence of The Great Gatsby: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

10. 56

Annie McNamara was part of a group of Irish travelers and horse traders who settled in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Eight families – the Rileys, McNamaras, Carrolls, Sherlocks, Garmans, Costellos, Dartys, and O’Haras – held an annual reunion in Atlanta to hold weddings and funerals. The tradition began with Annie’s son, John McNamara, who died in 1881. Catholic priests were available in Atlanta. Funeral mass took place at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and then the traders would proceed to Oakland. When traders met on the road, their parting words were often “See you at the funeral.”

11. 1861

As one of Atlanta’s first female physicians, Dr. Jennie Newman Norris oversaw the birth of thousands of babies and provided care for over 150,000 cases during her 30-year-career. Norris graduated from the Grady School of Nursing and belonged to the first graduating class of the Women’s Medical College of Georgia. She married twice and her second husband, who never attended medical school, assisted her in her practice.

12. How many symbols did you find? Our favorite symbols include the anchor (hope), rosemary (remembrance), and a bird (a soul in flight).

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