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Great Reads on Sale for Tombstone Tourists and Taphophiles

What is a taphophile, you might ask? If you enjoy visiting cemeteries and have an interest in burial places; funeral monuments; epitaphs; and the photography, art, and history of death, then these words describe you. We love these things too! That’s why we’re featuring this collection of books for those who love to explore these sacred places either in person (while social distancing) or from their armchairs.

We’re featuring 10% off on several of these great reads, like our best selling book on Oakland. Other discounted titles include an informative tome on cemetery symbolism, a collection of essays on cemetery travel, and a notebook in which to write your own experiences and observations while visiting these places. You’ll find these and other titles on the fascinating subject of cemeteries at Oakland’s online Museum Store.

Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery is the definitive book on the history of Oakland. Our best-selling title, this volume gives the reader an excellent overview and history of Historic Oakland Cemetery and of some of its residents. The beauty of Oakland is gorgeously presented in numerous color photographs throughout. If you want to learn about Oakland or revisit it without leaving home, this is the book to start with. Winner of the 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award for Specialty Books and the Georgia History Society’s 2013 Lila M. Dawes Award. Paperback, $24.95. View title.

Stories in Stone provides the reader with histories and images of a wide variety of common and not-so-common cemetery symbols and offers an in-depth examination of stone relics and the personal and intimate details they display. This handy and fascinating volume is a practical field guide for those interested in these symbols of passing and remembrance and is the only book of its kind that unlocks the language of symbols in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner. Hardcover, $24.99. View title.

Wish You Were Here is a collection of informative essays that takes the reader on a trip around the world to visit cemeteries famous and obscure. Cities, towns, and many tourist destinations have a cemetery, and sometimes the attraction is the cemetery itself, like Gettysburg, the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, or the famous Père Lachaise in Paris. In these sacred spaces, the history of a place and those who were part of it are told through monuments both grand and humble, in settings that inspire. Paperback, $20.00. View title.

Graveyard Journal was created by author Tui Snider as a way for tombstone tourists and taphophiles to keep all their cemetery notes in one place. From personal observations and cemetery history to describing the symbols on monuments and markers, this useful notebook will help you keep track of the burial grounds you have visited. Paperback, $9.99. View title.


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