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GAgives: Help Us Raise $10,000 to Expand our Education Programs

Historian Franklin Garrett called Oakland Cemetery “Atlanta’s most tangible link between the past and the present.” Through its landscapes and the stories of its residents, Oakland reflects the diverse historical development of Atlanta. As a vibrant public park and a treasured historic resource, Oakland Cemetery is a unique site where K-12 students can learn about the past and contemplate the future. 

Each year the Foundation welcomes nearly 3,000 K-12 students through Oakland’s historic gates. Students visiting Oakland on field trips experience Oakland as a burial ground, historic site, public park, habitat, and garden. They learn about the rich diversity found within the walls of Oakland Cemetery  from history, civics, and the arts to earth science, environmental sustainability, and horticulture. All field trips are paired with Georgia performance standards and are led by trained guides. 

Our goal is to more than double the number of students we serve annually over the next three years. We can do this by expanding our educational programs and by removing financial barriers for schools interested in taking field trips at Oakland. This year for GAgives on #GivingTuesday, Historic Oakland Foundation is raising money to do both. 

For some schools, the field trip cost of $6 per student is prohibitive. Your gift will allow us to provide scholarships that will make a visit to Oakland possible for all by covering the per-student cost and helping cover bus rentals or other transportation for students to Oakland. At Oakland, we hope that by breaking down financial barriers for schools, we will be stepping closer to our goal of becoming an educational resource and learning hub easily accessible to all students in and around Atlanta.

In addition to helping fund school field trips, your gift will also help Historic Oakland Foundation develop world-class educational programming. It will  

  • Allow HOF to develop new tours, guides, activities, and other materials for students  
  • Fund new resources for students like art supplies, educational materials, and technology. 
  • Fund expert speakers from partner organizations outside of HOF 

Donate to Historic Oakland Foundation today, on GAgives on #GivingTuesday, and help us share Oakland’s (and Atlanta’s) rich history, art, architecture, and ecological wealth with more students across north Georgia.  

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