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Find Inspiration and make Discoveries at Oakland’s Online Museum Store

At Oakland, we’re all about personal enrichment and making the most of your free time as we continue to add new items to our online store. Look for these titles and more in our recent additions section:

Check out new books like Old Southern Cookery ($26.95) that updates and explores recipes from one of the first American cookbooks, Mary Randolph’s 1824 bestseller, The Virginia House-Wife or Methodical Cook.

The lively Bless Your Heart and Mind Your Mamma ($20.00) is filled with the sassy, sweet, and silly “southernisms” that all southerners grew up with. These sayings still charm today with their heartfelt truth and humor.

Explore the fantastic with Breverton’s Phantasmagoria ($24.95), a superbly illustrated guide to the mysteries of myth, legend, and—gulp!—real life.

Beyond good reads, check out the new themed notebooks we recently added to our selection. These handy mini notebooks are potential in your pocket. Or hand, if you want to do more than simply carry them with you! Don’t while away those free hours; take a journey of personal discovery as you immerse yourself in any number of pursuits, like perfecting your penmanship, stargazing, drawing comics, or taking an imaginary trip to Utopia. We all need to get away these days. Do it from your living room, or backyard! These notebooks are perfect for any age, and at $3.99 each, you can indulge in multiple interests for yourself, or buy one for each member of the family.

Some stock limited. Shown: Comic book and Utopia pocket notebooks.

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