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Earth Day Crafts

Celebrate Earth Day (Wednesday, April 22) and keep your kids busy with a few crafts that are Oakland-tested and kid-approved!

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Cheerio Bird Feeders
Perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers, this easy craft passes the time and creates a tasty treat for local birdlife.
Materials: Cheerios, ribbon or string, and pipe cleaners

1. Bend an end of the pipe cleaner into a hook.
2. Thread Cheerios on the other end.
3. Once you’ve threaded Cheerios on the whole pipe cleaner, bend it into a shape (heart, circle, triangle, square, etc.) and twist the ends together.
4. Tie a ribbon to the bird feeder and hang outside, preferably within sight of a window so your kiddo can look out for neighborhood birds.

Earth Day Pledge Collage
Everyone can take action to combat climate change. This activity encourages your kid to make a pledge, either big or small, to protect the planet.
Materials: Paper, newspapers or magazines, scissors, tape or glue, and a pencil

1. Ask your kid to think of a pledge that they can make to help take care of the Earth. It can be big or small – take shorter showers, start a compost, write to local legislators to enact better climate change policies, drink out of a refillable water bottle, etc.
2. On a piece of paper (maybe the clean side of a piece of scrap computer paper or construction paper), have your kid trace around their hand and write “On Earth Day I Pledge” and their pledge.
3. Have your kid look through newspapers and magazines to find words or images that fit the pledge. Cut these out and paste together in a collage on the opposite side of the pledge paper.
4. Once the collage is dry, hang it up in a public place to remind your kid of their pledge.
5. Recycle newspapers and magazines.

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Random Rocks of Kindness 
Inspired by the Kindness Rocks Project and other community projects, this craft encourages your kid to create something to send a little love into the world. Use colorful images and kind words to brighten someone’s day!
Materials: Rocks, acrylic paint, clear sealer, and brushes

1. Walk around your neighborhood and look for large, smooth stones.
2. Wash any dirt off of the stone and let dry.
3. Spray or brush on sealer to provide a smooth surface. You can use white paint as a base layer to help other colors pop!
4. Paint your design using brushes, paint pens, or cotton swabs. Let the paint fully dry between layers.
5. Finish off the rock with 1-2 coats of sealer and let dry.
6. Walk around your neighborhood and find a place to leave your rock where someone might find/see it to delight a neighbor!

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