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What's in a name?

We name things to help us organize, categorize, and understand the world around us. To help you understand the world of Oakland Cemetery, we have created a visual glossary of common cemetery terms. Feel free to email us if you have…

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Buried Treasures at Oakland

The history of Atlanta is buried at Oakland. Restoration Manager, Dustin Hornsby, knows it’s not the only thing, “Many of the tombstones have sunk and have become buried and forgotten over the years; some buried as deep as 18 inches.”
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Where does restoration end and art begin?

When the initial evaluation of the Marsh Mausoleum was complete, the picture was grim. Among the many threats to its integrity, the survey showed extreme deterioration of the sandstone, including spalling layers, mineral deposits, and biological growth. After evaluating the…

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Restoration Work Continues

Oakland Cemetery is a historic landmark that receives over an estimated 50,000 visitors each year.  Continuing to maintain Oakland for visitors is critical to our future success. Historic preservation plays a central role in the mission of Historic Oakland Foundation…

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