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Bringing the Green Home for the Holidays

Southerners have been decorating for the Holidays with fresh-cut greenery for generations. It’s only been in the last half-century that artificial Christmas trees and other human-made decor have become the norm for many families. The ease of putting it up, and then cleaning up after the holidays, have made these “fakes” the popular choice in our fast-paced world. Modern technology and synthetic materials have advanced the look of artificial greenery to the point that it sometimes fools even a horticulturalist like me—from a distance, anyway! Regardless, there are some great reasons to consider using fresh-cut greenery this year: it’s readily available, it smells wonderful, it looks beautiful, and it’s a sustainable resource that can be composted after the holidays. Now that’s green!

With fresh-cut natural greenery, we not only get the look we want, but we also get the aromas of the season. You don’t need to put up a Christmas tree to get that wondrous smell throughout your home. Most of your evergreen conifers have that “piney” scent and can be used in all your decorating. Douglas fir, white pine, and eastern red cedar are all favorites for their look and their fragrance. These and other evergreens of differing colors and textures can adorn your home in the form of wreaths, swags, garlands, and centerpieces. One of the easiest ways to transform your space is to green your fireplace mantle. All it takes are a few sprigs of greenery simply arranged with candles, string lights, or your favorite festive objects.

If you don’t have your own supply of greenery in your garden, you can visit our Holiday Green Market at Victorian Holiday, Dec. 5 and 6, 2020. We will have lots of your favorite greenery and living holiday decor for your home or for the perfect gift. Design professionals will be on site both days for advice and to customize our wreaths and garlands just for you.

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